Man Eating Animal Caught at Kerala Karnataka Border


Man Eating Animal Caught at Kerala-Karnataka Border

Well the above highlighted line might be booming across social media platforms. You may have come across the following statements on WhatsApp, Facebook and other platforms:

Caught in Kerala Karnataka border. It had been eating all animals including humans. Total 4 reported and managed to catch only 1. Be careful while traveling in near by jungle here including Oil palm estate.

The above statement is presently drawing the attentions of all citizens, I feel the person who started this hoax wanted to earn some bucks out of the views which he gets on YouTube by disgracing the innocent rescued Sun Bear. I urge all the citizens to not to spread the hoax message. The following is the actual article which proves that the statement of being Alien or Man eater animal is completely FALSE.

Rescued ‘hairless’ sun bear showing signs of recovery

An ill sun bear that was discovered near Sibu earlier this month is showing signs of recovery at the Matang Wildlife Centre.

According to The Star Online, the bear is currently under the care of volunteer veterinarian Dr Silje Robertsen, who is from Norway.

“As of today, the animal is alert, able to climb and to eat normally. The sun bear is still kept in quarantine, as she is still weak and suffering from hook worms, mite infestation and moderate anaemia,” said the report, quoting Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC).

According to the SFC, the bear had been ill for a prolonged period of time and they were unsure if the bear would be able to fully recover.

“In the meantime, her treatment will continue based on a carbohydrate-rich diet with food supplements, antibiotics and protein. She will remain quarantined to minimise external disturbances,” SFC was quoted as saying by the online news portal.

Matang Wildlife Centre’s manager Siali Aban said since news of the sun bear went viral, there had been many calls from visitors wanting to see it.

Photos and videos of the sun bear has gone viral on the Internet, with many commenting on its Gollum-like appearance.

The sun bear was first spotted in January by Indonesian plantation workers, who were shocked by its rare hairless appearance. It was later caught by workers at a palm oil estate in Meradong district on April 2 and handed over to SFC.


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