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Hello Charlie

Hello Do I know you?

No I am Helen. Stephen sent me. We are going to be working together.

Were you briefed about the case?  Yes. We will be covering up as husband and wife on a honeymoon its better we get to know about each other. Ok here is the cover story you were daughter of an insurance agent We were both at university of califrornia you  were studying philosophy while I was studying engineering met you at a party found you charming eventually we got married . Are you ok with this?

Yeah I am more than ok. We will be starting day after tomorrow. I will meet you at airport.

Alright then see you. Have a nice day. You too.

Baby  I am home. Hey there you are early.

Yeah no work. But I have some good news and bad news.

Ok bad news first. I am going to leave again. For a week.There’s  something wrong with the company sales. They aren’t picking up as they planned. I have to sort the problem. Ok what’s the good news?

The good news is this might be my last trip.

Ohh the bad news is ok. The good news is damn good. When will you be leaving.Day after tomorrow.

 Helen! Hey Charlie. Thought you will miss the flight. Yeah even I felt the same. We are on our own as soon as we land. Ok.

Reservation under Mr and Mrs Charlie. Here is your room key sir enjoy your stay.

Such a beautiful place. Yeah but we cant enjoy it. We have a lot of things to take care of.

I have to meet someone. I will be back soon.

Hey Lisa. Charlie. Looks like you didn’t even left Russia. Back so soon. Yeah looking about the guy asked you for.

Finally we have something in common. We are looking for the same guy.

What do you mean?

I am not who you think I am. I work for the European secret service.

Are you a double agent?

No. My father is Russian . He married a French women. He settled down in England when USSR split. The secret service recruited me so it would be much easy to blend in.

What about the guy we are looking for?

His name is Chang Lee. Born in Beijing .Went to MIT.Graduated in Aeronautics. His family was kidnapped by a terrorist group. In exchange he reengineered a guidance system design. Now they are using him to sell it to Russians. What’s with this guidance system? The Russians as you know developed an missile but it isn’t as accurate as they thought. On test fire they had to destroy it when it almost hit one of their submarine. They needed an system which was accurate and they found one. Where can I find him? He is at The Grand bay hotel. He is here at an aeronautical conference to meet some possible buyers. He is a young kid but he is under trained killers.

How was Lisa? OH You know about a lot of things.

Yes I know what I have to. Ok then. Our guy he will be at a conference. There will be a dinner after the party. I suppose you know what you have to do. Get what he is carrying. Be careful. some eyes will be closely watching you. Leave it to me. I have experience in this kind of stuff.

Last time I saw you were Lee. Yes but you are? I am the one you are looking for.

What do you mean?

I want what you have with you but not for free. I can give whatever you ask for. Meet me at the bar 11:00 pm. Ask your guys not to follow. Come alone.

Want a drink? No

What were you talking about at he dinner? See the guy across the bar. He will be buying it. Leave your stuff with him. Write your account details. Consider it done. But how can I believe you? You are alone now. We could have got it from you anyhow but we are here to help you. Your family will be safe.

Ok. Thank you.

Now we’ve got what we are looking for. Let me contact Hq. They will send a bug to their bank account. It shows them their money is deposited. His family will be safe.

Don’t forget to thank lisa for what she has done. Yeah sure.

Our work was so simple.

Good things are always simple.


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