WhatsApp now supports Gif search from Giphy, increases media sharing limit to 30


WhatsApp now supports Gif search from Giphy, increases media sharing limit to 30

WhatsApp recently introduced several updates to its camera.  Android users can find a front facing flash when clicking selfies from the WhatsApp’s camera. When clicking photos, a flash-like effect is seen on the screen. Phones that do not have a front facing flash will use display panel for the effect. The chat app also rolled out an update which allows user to draw and add text over the images shared in the app.

Now, WhatsApp has a good news for all the Gif lovers. While the chat app has added the Gif support for quite some time now, its latest update will now allow users to search Gifs from Giphy. This means that user can share more Gifs on WhatsApp. The update is available only for beta users for now and will soon be available to all.

WhatsApp has been quite slow with its Gif updates The app at first allowed its user to convert videos and then share them as Gifs. Later it added the ability to share Gifs which are already saved on the device and now it has finally added the Gif search from Giphy. To send a Giphy’s Gif, tap the emoji seen in the WhatsApp’s text box. At the bottom of you will find Gif option alongside the emoji. Choose the desired Gif from the Giphy library and simply tap the send button.

The second important update is the increase of media item sharing limit from 10 to 30. Previously only 10 media items could be selected at once but now you can send total 30 photos or videos in one go. This is  also one of the most-needed update as earlier one had to go through a tedious task of selecting 10 media files each time if he/she had to share more than 10 media items.


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