Ten Companies that tried to buy Facebook


Ten Companies that tried to buy Facebook

The following are the list of ten companies that offered Facebook some huge bucks but still failed to buy it..

  1. An unnamed financier from New York offered $10 million in June 2004.
    At that time Facebook was known as thefacebook.com
  2. Google came knocking in the summer of 2004
  3. Viacom offered $75 million on the table in March 2005
  4. Friendster
  5. In the spring of 2005, MySpace too wanted to buy Facebook
  6. News Crop the new parent of MySpace also wanted to buy Facebook 
  7. Viacom Again in the end of 2005
  8. NBC
  9.  For the last time, Viacom came again the year 2006
  10. Yahoo offered $1 Billion in 2006

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