Smart Wearables


Smart Wearables

More over fitness trackers and smartwatches, it’s time to try some of the cool tech accessories in the year 2016. The year 2016 is billed with the high tech next generation smart wearables with the concept like inter active T-Shirts, Power Gloves, Wellness belt, Shift Wear Shoes, UV Ray detection skin patch, Smart eye glasses, eyelashes and high-tech nails, along side a host of athletic wearables creating immense noise in the virtual market. You just need to Blame the buzz for this happenings.. Big players and the leading tech giants are concentrating more on the electronic wearables. We acquaint you with a few catchy electronic wearables.

Here is the list of catchy electronics wearables (smart wearables) from the point of view of TLOGER


If fashion for you is as easy as slipping into your jeans and hoodie and moreover music is your favorite companion while on the go. This wearable is just for you. This jacket is equipped with machine washable  built in earphones (Sounds great!! 😀 😀 😀 isn’t it ??). This multipurpose jacket (Embedded Audio Functionality + Wearable Jacket) come in the form of hood, this removes off the necessity to de-tangle earphones every time you want to plug in your tunes.

Earphone Hoodie


Picture a piece of jewelry monitoring calories that you burn, heart rate and your day to day activity level. After collection of the above said data it automatically transfer the information to your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth. This would be the perfect blend for Fashion and Technology. These smart ear studs uses the PPG (Photoplethysmogram)Technology to keep a track on your body pulse through blood flow in your skin.Smart Stud


This would be most secure wallet carried out by you. This wallet requires your finger print in order to open wallet. This has been crafted keeping in mind both function & function. It features a fingerprint scanning system that allows only the owner to open it. Hence securing cash, cards and other belongings in your wallet. It weights around 200 grams and has Bluetooth leash to your smartphone and option for USB Syncing.
Biometric Locking Wallet


Having a trick up sleeve might give a feel like magician’s forte, but something as humble as a pair of cuff links can also help you to keep a lot of information at hand. Thanks to advances in technology, this classy work accessory double as a storage device for your files or documents. It can store data upto 8 GB. You can further enhance this cuff links by engraving your name’s initial on it.