Pokémon GO is officially released in India


After a long wait, Pokémon GO is now finally available for both iOS & Android users and it is officially released in India.

Pokémon GO has been brought to India by Niantic in partnership with Reliance Jio. As part of this partnership, all the Jio retail stores, locations and charging stations throughout the country will appear as PokéStops and Gyms within the game. Pokémon GO will also have access to the exclusive Pokémon GO channel on the JioChat messaging app.

Pokémon GO is a free to play game that released on iOS and Android back in July world wide, but, due to heavy burden on the server the game was blocked for few of the GEO Locations. Since then players in India have been finding ways to play it, most commonly by side-loading the APK on their Android device. Niantic has since tried to prevent players in some regions from playing the game, by disabling the PokéStops and clearing all the data off the game map. There was no statement from the company as to why this was being done and why the game was being delayed.

With the Reliance Jio partnership, the game is now finally available to players in India, and you can also probably figure out why it took them so long to release it officially.

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To download Pokemon GO on iOS, click here

To download Pokemon GO on Android, click here


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