Piggy – The Coolest and Easiest Way To Save While Online Shopping That You Wish You’d Known About Sooner


The Coolest and Easiest Way To Save While Online Shopping That You Wish You’d Known About Sooner

With this free browser extension, you’re now only a tap away from reaping big savings.

What’s better than finding awesome discount coupons? Having someone do it for you, as you shop, that’s what.

Free browser extension Piggy is one service people in this digital age should not exist without. Efficient, generous with deals and discounts, and doesn’t disrupt your usual shopping habits because it works quietly in the background of your browser as you shop from your favorite e-commerce sites, Piggy elevates your online shopping experience to new heights. Shop for anything and everything or book trips like you normally would from their over 2,000 partner sites, and be happily surprised at checkout when you see the codes Piggy has found for you.


We tried shopping at various stores, from big name ones like Kohl’s, Target, and Groupon, to specialized ones like Sephora and eBags, and found a nice array of discounts (somewhere between $5-$20). On top of the coupons, you can also get cash back of up to $20 in most cases, depending on the store and your purchase. Piggy will send you a check once every quarter of the year with your accumulated cash back for that period—get that, not gift certificates, not points, but check that’s as good as cash.

Piggy just really keeps on giving—whether it’s the best deal, a cool discount, or cash back. Such a dream come true for every shopper, providing a win-win solution to that shop vs. save dilemma. And that’s one of the most noteworthy things about Piggy: How it’s in the service of every shopper, empowering him/her by helping save money without scrimping on value. Men or women, young or old, shopping fiend or not, Piggy will always have your back every time you make that online purchase.

Piggy really is effortless saving at its finest. Better download it now to experience for yourself what I’m talking about—you’re welcome.


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