Champcash Income Junction Plan – Explained


Champcash Income Junction Plan – Explained

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Coming onto about the today’s topic Champcash’s Income Junction Plan.. Let’s start with the basics of Income Junction

What is Income Junction ?

Answer : As per the FAQ’s of Champcash, Income Junction (IJ) is defined as the unlimited source of income through which you can earn money for lifetime by using Opinions and Offers wall.

In order to get the Income for Lifetime you need to buy the services of IJ from Webshine Technology as it their product.

What are “Opinions” ?

Answer : Opinions are nothing but Surveys.

A survey is usually defined as “A set of questionnaires that the target audience can complete over Internet“.

Once you complete the survey you get paid for it. Usually in points.
According to Champcash 1000 points = $1 = 62 INR

Note : Always give genuine information in surveys. This build the trust between the advertisers and user. Once the trust is build you can avail more and more surveys.

What are Offers wall?

Answer :  An offer wall is a page that appears within your app that offers users different incentives or rewards in exchange for spending money (or completing some action that you specify).

In Champcash we have different advertisers who publish their ads on the offers wall with fixed reward. Once a user completes the offer (As per Instruction, given by advertisers) then he/she gets rewarded with promised amount.

Note : Make sure that you read the instructions carefully while completing the offer. Not even a single mistake is tolerated during this.

To download Champcash with Income Junction. Click here.

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