What is HTML?


What is HTML?

What is HTML? – A simple explanation

Hyper Text Markup Language generally known as HTML.
It is a collection of platform independent styles that define the various components of a web document (web pages). The styles which are used to design web documents are represented with the help of Markup Tags.
HTML is nothing but a plain-text document that can be created by using any kind of text editor.
As in the previous post “History of HTML” I already explained what is Hyper Text. Now in this post I would like to explain about Markup Language.
Markup Language: Markup language describes how the text should be displayed on a web document (web page). This is possible by embedding the special tags or formatted commands in the text.

HTML is generally a markup language i.e. Tags (Special formatting codes) are used so as to adjust fonts, create bullet lists, forms, frames, display, tables, images etc. In other words, HTML is a markup language used for describing web pages or web documents.


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