HTML Frames


HTML Frames

The output screen of every HTML application is nothing but a Frame (HTML Frames). Hence we can define as the region of the browser displaying certain output. Hence we can define frame as a region of the browser displaying certain output. The region of the browser can be divided into multiple regions, hence we refer them as Multiple Frames (where each region corresponds to  an independent frame). Here each independent frame can display an individual HTML File. Hence in a single window we can view various files at one glance.

The advantage of HTML Frames is that it makes navigation easy. Also the content of one frame can be hyperlink to another frame.

Frames can be introduced using a special tag referred as <FRAMESET> tag. Hence the entire code corresponding to Frame (s) is usually inscribed between <FRAMESET> ……… </FRAMESET> tags.
NOTE : While writing code to display frame, one has to remember that it should be included within the <HEAD> .. </HEAD> region but not in the <BODY> .. </BODY> region.


<FRAME> : It defines single frame within a frameset.

Attributes of <FRAMESET>

  • cols = length (number, %, or *)
  • 􀂃rows = length (number, %, or *)
    Establishes the number and sizes of columns (vertical frames) or rows (horizontal frames) in a frameset.
    In number of pixels, percentage of total area, or relative values (*) based on available space.

Attributes of <FRAME>

  • frameborder = 0 | 1
  • src = url
  • 􀂃name = text
  • marginwidth = number
  • marginheight = number
  • scrolling = auto | no | yes

<NOFRAMES> …… </NOFRAMES> : Specifies the contents to be displayed by browsers that cannot doesn’t supports frames. If the frames are supported by the browser then the browser ignores these tags.

Last words on Frames

While specifying configuration for ROWS and COLS, certain times we may encounter a specification like <frameset cols=”25%,*”>
It means that 25% of the column space starting from the left side of window will be allocated to first program defined in SRC of <frame src=” “> and the rest windows space (* refers “to all”) which will be allocated to second program.


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